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  About The School  

The Mission and History of Carnesville Elementary

Our Mission

Carnesville Elementary Faculty/Staff
is committed to supporting the social and emotional needs of all learners
in order to prepare them to reach a high level of academic achievement on state and national standards.
The History of Carnesville Elementary

Carnesville Elementary is the oldest of Franklin County’s six schools. It opened its doors for the 1957-1958 school year, and the Graduation Class of 1958 is having its 50th Reunion this spring. That first year, grades one through eight were on the lower wing of the building and nine through twelve were on the upper wing. Specialized rooms housed business education, science, and home economics. There were traditional classrooms for math, English, and history. A separate building was for vocational education.

Little changed until 1964, when the school started getting smaller. The consolidated Franklin County High School opened, and grades nine through twelve moved out. Then in 1971, a junior high opened, and grades seven and eight left. Next, the school underwent a major renovation in 1985, when each room’s wall of windows was stuccoed over, the vocational building was divided into classrooms, and the kitchen and the library were enlarged. In the summer of 1997, a new gym was built on the CES campus. The original gym had been torn down ten years earlier. Finally, in 1999-2000, the sixth grade was added to the junior high to make Franklin County Middle School, and at the same time, an additional building of classrooms was added at CES. These classrooms now house PreK and third grade.

We were thrilled receive the news in November of 2012 that our school was named a Georgia's Highest Performing Reward School. We take pride in working together to provide optimal learning expereineces for our students.